Every Angle


In this work, as in the sculpture “Bamboo Orchard,” which is also installed at the Kaipara Coast Sculpture Gardens, the shadows are part of the work.

11080016low 11080023lowThe shadows are cast as a series of V’s on the posts, as a circle and net pattern within the work, and as radiating fingers on the path and lawn outside the work. This is one of a series of works that I call modernist post structures, which use reciprocal frame structures as a sculptural form, and common fencing and farming supplies as a material. In this case, the form is inspired by a stylized bound sheaf of wheat. The title is a reference to David Bayly’s work, “Every angle different” which can also be seen in the sculpture gardens. Using many identical elements at identical angles gives a textured surface, similar to that of wooden shingles on a curved roof. The envelope of the straight lines, when seen in profile, approximates a parabolic curve. The repeated sloping pattern and constant measurements make for a dynamic space, both inside and around the work. There is also an op-art effect. A visitor looking towards the centre of the work while walking around it will find his or her eyes drawn upwards or downwards.

Dimensions: approx. 1.6 metres high, 2.5 metres diameter / Price: $2000 and site-specific costs.


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